With True Hope is a blog designed to communicate the true hope of Christ Jesus, as a ministry of True Hope Ministries (THM). Read more about the inspiration, focus, and reason behind With True Hope’s existence here.

Victoria (Administrator and Author) is an educator, musician, missionary, and blogger.  Victoria is dedicated to using her experiences to communicate the True Hope of JESUS CHRIST, whether through music, writing, teaching, or traveling for the sake of the Gospel.


True Hope Ministries (THM) is a ministry dedicated to bringing the True Hope of JESUS CHRIST to the entire world! Learn more about THM at http://www.truehopeministries.com/.  Follow True Hope Ministries on Twitter @TrueHopeMin.  Also, check out the THM Verse of the Day for “daily encouragement straight from Scripture” at https://truehopeminvod.wordpress.com/.

Stephen (Editor and Contributor) is a dynamic Evangelist, Worship Leader, and Independent Christian Musician who grew up in the church and is passionate about being used by GOD to lead people to GOD using praise and worship, prayer, and preaching. His cutting edge style and passion for the LORD can be seen in every song that he sings, at every event where he speaks, and in everything that he writes. It is Stephen’s prayer that his music, preaching, and writings will both encourage you and challenge you to have a closer relationship with the LORD.

Mary (Contributing Author) is a devoted wife, mother, and servant of Jesus Christ. Her desire is to point people to Christ.  Mary excitedly shares Jesus’ message and ministry of graciousness so that God may be glorified.